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Speaking Presentations

Session Description #1 - Building Strong Teams
Heart and Hustle: Building Teams that Thrive on Trust

Session Overview:
Ever wonder how some teams just click? The secret's out, and it's all about trust. In this
session, Mo Fathelbab reveals how to weave that trust deeply into your team's DNA, turning
workdays into something extraordinary.

Session Detailed:
How often can you walk into work and feel like you're part of something bigger, something
that's not just about the 9-to-5 but about the genuine connections you share with your team?
With Mo Fathelbab—renowned facilitator known for invigorating teams and fostering deep
connections—let's break down the walls and transform workplaces into spaces where everyone
thrives and contributes their best selves.

With the session, you'll discover how honest conversations can lead to powerful collaborations
and how the magic of vulnerability can turn colleagues into allies. This isn't your typical
run-of-the-mill workshop; it's an opportunity to engage with the real stuff—no fluff, no filler—just
you, me, and the strategies that bring a team alive with energy and purpose.

We'll share hands-on tools that have worked miracles, and by the end of our session, you'll be
ready to create an atmosphere where the energy is infectious, and the possibilities are endless.
Let’s make work feel less like work and more like a shared mission with friends.

Key Takeaways/Objectives:
● Master the art of making every team member feel seen and understood.
● Get equipped with the communication hacks that open up new levels of dialogue.
● Gain a fresh perspective on transforming groups into unstoppable forces through trust.
● Discover the joy of leading a team that’s powered by authenticity and mutual respect.

Session Description #2 - Leadership Journeys
Your Journey to Authentic Leadership: Lead to Connect, Inspire, and Transform

Session Overview:

Ever wondered what elevates good leaders to greatness? The answer lies not in the
boardroom, but within the intricate web of trust and authentic connections they weave. In this
immersive session led by Mo Fathelbab, a trailblazer in community building and peer-to-peer
learning, you'll discover the transformative power of vulnerability in leadership and the secrets to
fostering a culture where every relationship is a pillar of strength and success.

Session Detailed:

What makes an exceptional leader truly stand out? It's the ability to cultivate an
environment where trust thrives and genuine connections are encouraged and celebrated. Join
Mo Fathelbab, author and renowned expert in forging strong communities and meaningful peer
interactions, as he unveils the nuances of vulnerability as a leadership strength. Learn to master
the delicate balance between being approachably human and decisively effective.

Through the discussions and experience sharing, Mo will guide you to harness the kind
of trust that empowers teams, enhances collaboration, and drives unparalleled performance.
You'll explore groundbreaking strategies to transform everyday interactions into deep, lasting
relationships that serve as the bedrock for a thriving organizational culture.

As you traverse this journey of self-discovery and skill-building with Mo, anticipate a
transformative experience with insight and humor. You will emerge equipped not only with
practical tools but also with a renewed vision for leadership that champions authenticity,
nurtures talent, and inspires everyone around you to reach their highest potential. Step beyond
the conventional and step into a realm where leaders are remembered not just for their
achievements, but for the legacy of connection they create.

Key Takeaways/Objectives:
● Uncover the art of speaking and listening in ways that build bridges of understanding
and rapport.
● Transform the fires of conflict into a driving force for innovation and team unity.
● Equip yourself with a toolkit of strategies that bring immediate impact and clarity to your
daily leadership challenges.
● Learn to sculpt a team environment where trust is the foundation and collaboration is the

Session Description #3 - Conflict Resolution

Dare to Disagree: Cultivating Productive Conflict for Breakthroughs

Session Overview:

In a world where consensus is king, could conflict be your team’s hidden superpower?
Discover why healthy conflict is not just good but essential for creativity, innovation, and
progress. Mo Fathelbab, your trusted guide in team dynamics, invites you to a session that
reframes conflict as the cornerstone of high-functioning teams. Learn how fostering trust can
turn fiery debates into the fuel that drives your business forward.

Consensus can feel comfortable, but can it propel your business towards long-term success?
What if healthy conflict could be the secret ingredient for creativity, innovation, and progress?
Join Mo Fathelbab as he illuminates how productive conflict, when harnessed with trust, can
become the catalyst for creativity, innovation, and relentless progress. Learn the art of turning
fiery debates into the very fuel that drives your business forward to conquer new horizons.

Session Detailed:

Imagine a workplace where conflict isn't avoided, but embraced as a sign of deep
engagement and passion. Where every team member feels empowered to voice their ideas and
concerns, knowing they will be met with respect and consideration. With Mo Fathelbab, you’ll
navigate the nuances of nurturing an environment ripe for constructive conflict, moving beyond
discomfort and towards a culture of collaborative problem-solving and truth-telling.

Through a blend of storytelling, real-world examples, and interactive exercises, you’ll
master the art of approaching, initiating, and resolving discussions that spark innovation rather
than explosions. Mo will share his blueprint for embedding a trust-based approach to conflict
within your team’s ethos, ensuring that every disagreement is a step towards unity and

Dive into engaging stories, learn from real-business-world examples, and get involved in
interactive activities that will teach you how to turn chaos into brilliant breakthroughs. Mo will
guide you through a simple yet effective strategy for making trust the heart of your team's
approach to a healthy conflict, making sure that every challenge you face together makes you
stronger and takes you closer to greatness.

By the end of this transformative session, you'll leave with a full set of tools for
leveraging healthy conflict and a deep understanding of its vital role in driving business success
in the next evolution of the workplace.

Key Takeaways/Objectives:

● Recognize the transformative potential of conflict when underpinned by trust and mutual
● Foster a culture where trust is the bedrock, allowing team members to engage in
meaningful, constructive debates.
● Develop the skills to facilitate healthy conflict, ensuring it leads to positive outcomes
rather than destructive ends.
● Assess how well-managed conflict boosts innovation and propels your organization
toward success.

Session Description #4 - The Power of Connection

The Friendship Advantage: Unlocking Peak Performance with the Seven Keys to Friendship

Session Overview:

Discover the transformative power of friendship in the workplace with Mo Fathelbab,
author of "The Friendship Advantage." This session delves into the Seven Keys to Friendship
that create a thriving work environment and drive peak performance. Learn how to apply these
principles to build stronger, more resilient teams that are not just productive, but also deeply
connected and joyful, embodying the essence of the future of work.

Session Detailed:

In a world where professional relationships can feel transactional, Mo Fathelbab
presents a compelling case for fostering genuine friendships at work. This session explores the
Seven Keys to Friendship—Judgment-free, Mischievous fun, Vulnerability, Kind Truth,
Reliability, Generosity, and Shared Purpose—and how they can be the foundation for a culture
of collaboration and success in the next evolution of the workplace.

Participants will engage with interactive activities that bring these concepts to life,
creating a deeper understanding of how to integrate the keys into their daily interactions and
leadership styles. By fostering an environment where judgment-free discussions, vulnerability,
and kind truth are the norm, leaders create a culture of trust and openness.

Experience firsthand how incorporating mischievous fun into the workplace can break
down barriers and spark creativity. Discover the importance of reliability and generosity in
building a supportive team atmosphere. Rally around a shared purpose to drive motivation and

Key Takeaways/Objectives:

● Discover the strategic benefits of integrating friendship-based principles into your
leadership and team-building practices.
● Identify actionable steps to implement the Seven Keys to Friendship, enhancing
communication, trust, and performance.
● Develop a richer understanding of how authentic workplace relationships contribute to a
more engaged and productive team.
● Leave with a blueprint for fostering a highly collaborative and joyful work culture, where
the Friendship Advantage is your competitive edge.

Session Description #5 - Nurturing High-Performance Teams
The Synergy of Trust: Mastering Conflict Resolution with The FriendshipAdvantage

Session Overview:

Discover the transformative power of embracing conflict through the principles of Mo
Fathelbab's "The Friendship Advantage." This session explores how healthy conflict, rooted in
trust, can foster an environment ripe for innovation, employee satisfaction, and retention—key
elements for the future of work. Learn why nurturing such a culture is not only beneficial but
essential for any business seeking a tangible return on investment.

Session Detailed:

Reimagine the role of conflict in your organization by embracing the Seven Keys to
Friendship—Judgment-free, Mischievous fun, Vulnerability, Kind Truth, Reliability, Generosity,
and Shared Purpose. This session, inspired by Mo Fathelbab's groundbreaking research, offers
a new perspective on team dynamics by showing how healthy conflict can be a source of
strength and unity when approached with a foundation of trust and friendship.

Dive into practical, evidence-based strategies that equip teams to engage in constructive
debates that propel them forward rather than hold them back. Through a series of targeted
exercises and real-world examples, you'll learn how to encourage an open, engaging, and
resilient work culture that not only enhances team performance but also boosts employee
morale and retention.

By fostering friendships within your team, you'll lay the groundwork for a workplace that
naturally cultivates satisfaction and loyalty, leading to reduced turnover and higher attraction of
top talent. Discover how these positive outcomes not only create a better place to work but also
drive significant business results, offering leaders a competitive edge through a strong culture of
engagement and collaboration.

Key Takeaways/Objectives:

● Master the art of fostering an environment where productive conflict becomes a
constructive force for innovation and team relationships.
● Implement the Seven Keys to Friendship to enhance trust, reduce friction, and improve
conflict resolution within teams.
● Recognize the impact of fostering workplace friendships on employee morale, retention,
and overall business performance.
● Develop actionable strategies to create a work culture that is not only more productive
but also more fulfilling for every team member.

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